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Cyberspace superfast 4G LTE internet service is affordable, high quality and reliable. We have a variety of packages to choose from and whether you need single- or multi-user access, all of our devices are simple to use.
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Data Bundles, Prices and Plans!

Buy as much data as you need, when you need it. All prices are VAT-inclusive.

Buy a Modem and get FREE data for 30 days.

"Get more for less"

- Cyberspace 4G LTE

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Payment Options

  • Logon to our selfcare portal.
  • Enter valid e-mail and Password
  • Navigate using the Leftmenu bar or the top menu bar to perform
  • Subscriptionr renewal
  • Topup
  • Service Plan Change
  • Wallet TopUp
  • Note that the selfcare is accessible even when you are out of data so that you can login and Renew, TopUp your account to continue surffing the web
You can walk into any Zenith Bank branch demand for PayDirect as your Platform for renewing your Cyberspace LTE modem
Supply your MDN to the bank attendant and fill the teller correctly and automatically you will get value for that transaction
  • This platform is only for Subscriptionr renewal

You can go to any of our shop and make payment for renewal,wallet crediting,topup,Service plan change plan. Learn more.

  • No. 12 Ologun Agbaje
  • Visa Card
This following are cards are acceptable on our POSe at our shop /outlet center for payment category
  • Verve
  • Mastercard
  • Visa Card

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