1. Make Your Choice from our Banquet

Feel free to peruse our service offerings and make a choice that fits your profile considering your level of data consumption.

2. Watch You Back

Secure your modem with your own passwords after logging with default credentials the first time. Use alpha-numeric characters.

3. Data Hungry Applications

Data hungry applications (such as Torrents, Operating System Updates, Background Cloud Services like dropbox etc) should be used carefully. These applications engage the network and download/upload even when one isn’t using the internet. They are the major cause of data usage that one cannot account for.

4. HD-Anything

HD voice, pictures or videos consume your data. So you might have to choose low quality (on Skype, Webcam, Youtube) if you want to optimize your data usage.

5. Automatic Software Updates

Software updates are useful and increase the reliability and functionality of your system but be aware of the bandwidth they consume. With most homes having several systems per user all the updates can take gigabytes. Monitor your bandwidth usage to know when best to apply updates manually.

6. Cloud Storage Synchronization

Whenever you use your DropBox and similar utilities to synchronize files between computers bandwidth is utilized. Online backups also consume a lot of bandwidth especially for the first full backup.

7. Monitor Your Data Usage

Independently monitor your usage using thrid party applications like My Data Manager, DU Meter etc. You could also log in to your account to monitor your usage.

8. Get an anti-virus

Viruses are real and they maliciously eat-up your system/network resources.

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