Thank you for choosing CYBERSPACE’s Broadband Access services.

Your use of the Services shall be governed by the terms and conditions of use as given below and agreed between the applicant (hereinafter refer to as 'Customer' or 'You', or 'Your') and CYBERSPACE Limited (hereinafter refer to as 'CYBERSPACE,' or 'us' or 'we') and which shall include all affiliates, subsidiaries, network service providers, partners of CYBERSPACE Limited.

These Terms and Conditions, including any revisions and or modifications, shall remain valid for the entire period of your subscription to CYBERSPACE Services, irrespective of service status. Updated terms and conditions prevailing during the term of your subscription shall be available at, You understand and agree that if you use the Services after the date on which the Terms have been updated/modified/revised, CYBERSPACE will treat the use of Services as acceptance of the Terms.


'Access' - Means the Number of days, hours, bandwidth, volume that a customer shall be entitled to use the Services as determined by Subscription Charges paid.
'Access Device' - Means any such device (dongles, indoor CPE, outdoor CPE, Mifi, Microwave etc) prescribed by CYBERSPACE as the medium through which 4G LTE Services are provided to the customer.
'Activation' - Means the enabling of devices so that it operates on the CYBERSPACE network for the provision of LTE4G Service to the customer.
'Agreement' - Means Terms shared with the Customer vide Customer Application Form, Tariff Plan, CYBERSPACE websites, or any other source which are read, understood and agreed by the Customer and as applicable from time to time.
'Channel Partner' - Means an entity, whether an individual, firm, company, association of persons or any other type, whether on rolls or otherwise, which represents CYBERSPACE in a designated location and adds value by marketing, installing, maintaining Service{s) and all other allied activities that CYBERSPACE may assign from time to time.
'Coverage Area' - Means those areas where 4G LTE Services are accessible within CYBERSPACE network.
'CPE' - Means Customer Premises Equipment, including the Access Device (IMEI) / Modem / Router / other equipment/s installed at Customer Premises by CYBERSPACE
'Customer' - Means any person who has agreed to avail under these terms and conditions, purchase 4G LTE Services from CYBERSPACE and to pay all the applicable Access Device Charges and Subscription Charges for the Services provided to Customer and includes any person which CYBERSPACE reasonably believes is acting under the authority and knowledge of Customer as their authorized signatory.
'Day' - Means 24 hours commencing from 00:00:00 and ending with 23:59:59 and includes a part of the day.
'Download' - Means viewing/ copying/ receiving any data from the internet down to CPE/ PC/ Device with the help of Services or Equipment acquired from Cyberspace.
'Grace Period' - Means the period after expiry of payment due date or charges value in account for the Customer to make payments or recharge.
'Hour' - Means one of the 24 equal parts of a day equal to 60 minutes.
'International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI)' - is used to identify the user of a network and is a unique identification associated with any network that interconnects with other networks.
'Internet' - Means a global information system that is logically linked together by a globally unique address, and is able to support communications using the Transmission Control Protocol! Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) or subsequent enhancements/gradations.
'Internet Telephony' - Means a service to process and carry voice signals offered through public Internet by the use of Personal Computers (PC) or IP based Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) connecting PC to PC; PC/ Device/ Adapter conforming to standard of any international agencies like ITU or IETF, etc connected to similar device/ Adapter.
'Month' - Means calendar month commencing from 1st of every month till the end of that month and includes a part of the month. Based on subscription opted, period of 28/29/30/31 days from the date of subscription payments shall also mean 'Month'
'Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network-Number (MSISDN)' - is a number uniquely identifying a subscription in voice telephony network.
'Peak hours' - Means a period of day between 09am to 07pm on week days and 07am to mid night on week-ends and holidays.
'Pre-paid' - Means a method of payment where customer prepays for a set amount of Subscription Charges in advance of actual usage, usually on a real-time basis.
'Postpaid' - Means a method of payment where customer pays for Service/s and usage in arrears, subsequent to using the services.
'Subscriber Identity Module (SIM)' - is an integrated circuit that securely stores the international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) and related key used to identify and authenticate subscribers on LTE
'Subscription Charges' - Refers to charges payable depending on the type of service plan requested by Customer.
'Service Cycle' - Means the time-based cycle of service package/ plan, for example, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly etc as defined by the chosen Service Plan from CYBERSPACE.
'Service/s' - Means all types of Internet access/content services, Value Added Services (VAS), Internet Telephony, Wireless Fidelity (WiFi), Audio/Video conference, Microwave Access and all such associated broadband and Voice Over Internet Protocol access provided by CYBERSPACE on 4G LTE network.
'Service Packages/ Service Plans' - Means anyone of the service packages or plans introduced by CYBERSPACE from time to time and to which the Customer has opted for at the time of signing this Agreement, and which may be modified by CYBERSPACE.
'Network' - Means the telecommunications system and equipment Cyberspace is using which 4G LTE services shall be made available.
'Non-Critical Traffic' - Means any activity which requires download of large files usually in the forms of movies, songs, and or software using Point-To-Point protocols and does not include 'Time-Critical' activities like surfing, streaming or internet telephony.
'Unlimited Access' - Means access to the internet using CYBERSPACE Service/s any time during the Day and as specified on the Service package information, and does not mean unlimited download bandwidth.
'Usage Location' - Means the address shared with CYBERSPACE or its Channel partners at the time of subscription, where Services are planned to be used.
'Validity Period' - Means the number of days access to Services shall be granted or provided by CYBERSPACE based on the definition of Service package or Service cycle.
'Week' - Means a seven-day calendar period especially one starting with Monday and continuing through Sunday.
'Wi-Fi' - Means Wireless Fidelity or Wireless Internet which helps one connect to internet without the need for any wires or cabling.


2.1 The Customer undertakes to provide true, accurate, current and complete information as prompted by any registration form, and to notify CYBERSPACE of any changes.
2.2 Services shall be activated upon completion of following:
2.2.1 Customer application form duly signed along with address under 'Usage Location'
2.2.2 Availability of required supporting documents (legible and valid) for identification
2.2.3 Payment (realised by CYBERSPACE) for the requested Services and/or Access Device (lMEI)
2.2.4 Verification & re-validation of supporting documents, internally or through an external agency.
2.3 You as The Customer warrant and represent that you are the sole and beneficial owner of and have the absolute right, title and interest in the Device (IMEI) and/or Accessory identified in the Application Form and that no other person has any interest in any of these equipment.
2.4 You further undertake to indemnify us in full against all direct and indirect losses, damages, claims, demands, proceedings, costs and charges whatsoever arising from your breach of this Section 2.3 and this Section 2.3 shall survive the termination of this agreement.
2.5 Unless otherwise advised by CYBERSPACE, Customer is at liberty to use Services offered by CYBERSPACE by purchasing a recharge voucher or suitable products available from time to time from CYBERSPACE or from its Channel Partners. The payment of monthly service shall entitle a customer access to the Services within the designated Coverage Area of CYBERSPACE.
2.6 You can only subscribe to one selected Service package at a time which is valid for the next thirty (30) days and can change to another Service plan at any time. Balance usage amount, periods or plans are not transferable from one subscriber to another subscriber. Balance usage amount can be carried over to a subsequent period, for example, any unused data volume can be rolled-over to the New Service Cycle, only if renewal is made before the expiration of the service period. It is also clarified that any balance available in the account doesn't qualify or makes the Customer eligible for access on expiry of the validity period. Such data volume balance are lost automatically on the expiration of Service period. Customers are free to migrate from a lower plan to a higher plan as necessary without any charge. Customers however will lose their existing data volume if they should migrate from a higher plan to a lower plan. Migration from evening and weekend plans to the all-day (24x7) plans will cause the data volume balance to be zeroed.
2.7 CYBERSPACE's 4G LTE Service is not available in all parts of Nigeria or in every city in Nigeria and may be restricted to certain areas within those cities where service is available. This Agreement is being concluded on the premise that the Customer has tested the coverage at the 'Usage Location' and is satisfied with the level of Services available.
2.8 CYBERSPACE may use contact information provided by the customer, including alternate email id, fixed or mobile phone number, to contact him/ her for sharing information on the service (including new services); any offers / benefits that CYBERSPACE or its partners may have on the service; seek feedback on the Service(s).
2.9 All communication with the Customer including but not limited to bills and invoices (depending on Customer's eligibility as per the agreement); service related notifications; product offerings; security communications, etc., shall be sent to the primary email lD and or email lD provided by CYBERSPACE and shall be treated as sufficient proof of dispatch/delivery and receipt at Customer's end. Monthly invoices of preceding months (maximum of 11 months) shall be available online for download at and/or CYBERSPACE though, does not warrant that the old invoices shall be available in case of any changes including but not limited to Service package, ownership are opted by the Customer in which case the existing account may be terminated and a fresh account created.
2.10 CYBERSPACE shall provide you with a dynamic Internet Protocol (IP) address which may change without giving you notice.
2.11 The Customer may only use the SIM with Devices that have been approved by CYBERSPACE for use on its network and shall comply with all relevant legislation or regulations relating to such use
2.12 If you use the SIM with any device and/or accessory that has not been approved by us for use on CYBERSPACE Network,
2.12.1 You may not be able to utilize all or any of our services and
2.12.2 You shall accept the limitations of such device and/or accessory in accessing any of our services, for which we shall not be held responsible in any respect.
2.12.3 Furthermore, you must ensure that such use will not cause any damage or disruption to CYBERSPACE Network and/or in any way affect the use of CYBERSPACE Services by our other customers.


3.1 CYBERSPACE 4G LTE Service is available as a postpaid or prepaid option on a variable Service Cycle.The Services can be accessed, credited and/or modified through online recharge or at any of CYBERSPACE outlets, walk-in centres, Channel partners or at the CYBERSPACE web self-care portal. You will be asked to register for the web self-care portal at the time of registration.
3.2 The Customer shall be bound to fulfil all obligations related to the Service Plan selected and shall be responsible for all charges (including any state or federal taxes and charges) associated with account regardless of whether the Customer or anybody else (with or without your permission) utilises those charges, billed to the Customer on a real-time basis or later in case the system was under maintenance during the period of use. The Customer shall ensure manual disconnection of SIM / MSISDN / Access Device (lMEI) from Services to ensure billing for usage is stopped. During any time of reduction in account balance or suspension of account, the Customer will remain liable for the payment of original level of Subscription Charges, to continue subscription of the Services. CYBERSPACE will not refund any amount prepaid for the Service, in case subscription is discontinued prior to expiry of the Service Cycle.
3.3 The Customer can make payments to Service account by internet banking or direct payment through any of our nominated banks or by local direct debit or pay-at-par cheques (only for postpaid customers). To prevent suspension of Services, online recharges are recommend for renewal. Any payments via cheque should be made at least 72 work hours before the Services expiry date, to ensure CYBERSPACE earns the payment value before due date for expiry of Services.
3.4 The facility of direct debit or cheque payment shall be withdrawn at the discretion of CYBERSPACE in case of up to 3 reoccurrences of default in a period of 12 months. However notwithstanding the above, customer will have to pay the requisite compensation charges, as applicable from time to time per direct debit or cheque not honoured by Customer's bank and CYBERSPACE reserves the right to proceed against the Customer legally as it deems fit.
3.5 Non receipt of monthly bill shall not be a ground for non-payment of the monthly charges and CYBERSPACE reserves the right to enforce the terms for such default which may lead to non­ extension or suspension of Services. Irrespective to the payment against bills/ invoices sent to Customer, Service/s shall automatically get disconnected on expiry of the validity period or the Service package value whichever is earlier.
3.6 If the Customer does not apply for reconnection within stipulated period of 60 days (grace period) from the due date of payment or recharge, CYBERSPACE reserves the right to permanently terminate the Account/ Service at the expiry of said stipulated period (grace period). Reconnection or Reactivation of services during the grace period shall be subject to clearance of all outstanding (including any reconnection charges) as stipulated by CYBERSPACE from time to time, at the discretion of CYBERSPACE.
3.7 In case of any disputes/ claims on the bills/ invoices raised by CYBERSPACE, the onus lies on the customer to prove the same with documentary evidence. Irrespective to the conclusion of the dispute, the Customer shall pay amount outstanding against the bill invoice and raise a claim separately to prove its contention. After necessary examination and scrutiny, if the customer is proved right, CYBERSPACE shall credit the Customer's account to that extent without changing the validity of the Service package/ Service cycle/ account.
3.8 CYBERSPACE shall utilise all channels available to pursue recovery of any outstanding debt on part of the Customer. Such channels may be reminder letters to billing addresses, mails to email IDs, phone calls/ text messages to phone numbers (mobile or fixed) or through other channels as available on our records. During the course of such follow ups Services may be disconnected until recovery is completed.


4.1 It is specified that the Access Device (IMEl) as supplied by CYBERSPACE from original equipment manufacturer is free from defects and in working condition. Customer shall check performance of the Access device (IMEI) at the time of collection to ensure status. Customer shall notify CYBERSPACE of defect during the first six (6) months of Warranty period starting from the date of sale of Access device (IMEI) (excluding any accessories) as per CYBERSPACE invoice. CYBERSPACE shall at its discretion either repair the defective Access Device (IMEl) with new component or replace the Access Device entirely.
4.2 CYBERSPACE's warranty on the Access Device (IMEl) shall expire if the device is used in manner other than normal use; is submitted in a fair wear and tear state, is accidental or damaged wilfully, is damaged due to failure to follow instructions; device has any traces of contact with any form of liquid or corrosion, is damaged due to electrical fluctuations; is attempted to be repaired or a replacement part fitted to the device by anyone other than CYBERSPACE or its authorised service sub-contractor; is connected, attached, used or operated with any auxiliary item other than items purchased from or certified compatible by original equipment manufacturer for use with such device; markings or labelling of the device have been altered, obscured, removed or otherwise interfered with.
4.3 While CYBERSPACE shall deploy reasonable resources available at its disposal, to provide a temporary unit during the period of Access Device {lMEI) repair or maintenance, CYBERSPACE shall not be held responsible in case a temporary unit is not made available to the Customer.


5.1 CYBERSPACE reserves the right to monitor and control Service usage and/or types of traffic transmitted via the Internet access provisioned as per the Services subscribed by the customer including Unlimited access. CYBERSPACE shall limit high-speed bandwidth and network resources, in its endeavour to provide best possible broadband internet experience to all its customers, adopting a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) which establishes a data transfer threshold for each customer. This policy has been devised to control unreasonable and excessive levels of usage causing network congestion and drop in service quality, thus resulting inconvenience to the large set of customers.
5.2 FUP is applicable to all tariff plans proposed at the time of this Agreement or introduced in future, as offered by CYBERSPACE unless specifically withdrawn or modified at the discretion of CYBERSPACE:
5.2.1 Despite the above, if the customer is found intentionally violating FUP, continuing with his Service with unreasonable levels of use without migrating to another Service package, CYBERSPACE reserves the right to migrate to a relevant Service package, suspend or terminate the customer's account immediately without prior information and prejudice to other rights available under terms and conditions of this Agreement.
5.2.2 CYBERSPACE reserves the right to apply speed restrictions to all Non-critical traffic during peak hours. Such restrictions shall be managed daily depending on the demands on the network.


6.1 Customer shall not misuse CYBERSPACE services, including but not limited to: dishonestly obtaining the Services; or possessing or supplying equipment that may be used to obtain such services dishonestly or fraudulently; or using services to send or spread information, using messages or mails or any other medium, that are obscene, threatening or otherwise contrary to applicable laws or regulation. The Customer shall ensure that the network is not used for any illegal and or antinational activity. The Service shall not be used in any manner that may endanger or make vulnerable any network infrastructure. Violation of any of these terms and or any acts such as break-ins or attempted break-ins of networks will be regarded as anti-national acts and shall attract penal action by the concerned authorities, including but not limited to disconnection by CYBERSPACE.
6.2 CYBERSPACE strictly prohibits the use of its Services to generate spam or other forms of abuse for business or personal gains. These include, but are not limited to: Threats and/or Harassment, Privacy Issues, redistribution of Services (ftp, www, etc.), Copyright and Trademark Issues, Hacking, Port Scanning, Spreading Virus, Denial of Service Attacks, Password Cracking and unauthorized Access, Credit Card fraud, Publication and Transmission of Pornography, Product/ Service Fraud, Financial Solicitation, Make Money Fast Chain letters, General Fraud or Theft, Other Illegal Activities etc.
6.3 The Customer shall not send unsolicited messages and shall not send messages (spamming) to CYBERSPACE or anyone else in a language that is prohibitive, defamatory, vulgar, iterative, or otherwise. The Customer shall not resort to hacking or destroying the Internet sites including the websites of CYBERSPACE. The Customer shall not object to any steps taken by CYBERSPACE to prevent sending or receiving spam mails through the service. The Customer shall ensure that objectionable or obscene messages or communications inconsistent with the established laws of Nigeria are not made, created, downloaded, modified, transmitted or retransmitted by the Customer or any other person using the Customer's ID and password or Service/s or Access Device (IMEl).
6.4 CYBERSPACE reserves the right to disconnect Service(s) and the account permanently without prejudice to any other action under the laws of the country, if the Customer violate these conditions.


7.1 Customer agrees to follow any reasonable instructions that we may give you relating to use of the service, any provisioning or maintenance of the services, equipment or facilities, and to allow us access to your premises, equipment or facilities, if required. You also agree to get any permission required from third party, if we have to use their property to install our equipment on their premises, to facilitate Services to you. CYBERSPACE shall not be liable to bear any costs or obtain permissions or approvals of any third party to this Agreement to provide its Services to you.
7.2 Customer agrees that static IP address shall be issued at the discretion of CYBERSPACE and subject to availability. Static IP addresses will be re-assigned to CYBERSPACE or to another CYBERSPACE customer if internet Service for the Customer is disconnected or terminated for any reason. Customer shall absolve CYBERSPACE from any claims, liabilities or responsibilities arising out of any misuse of services provided by CYBERSPACE.
7.3 Customer shall not be eligible for restoration or extension of Service on pro-rated basis or otherwise, against any partial payments even though the same have been realised by CYBERSPACE.
7.4 CYBERSPACE shall conduct verification of credentials submitted by the Customer at the time of application or subsequently, either internally or through a third party appointed by CYBERSPACE on its behalf.
7.S CYBERSPACE reserves the right to disconnect permanently or temporarily, at its sole discretion, services given to the Customer under this agreement without prior intimation in case any information is found to be incorrect or false.
7.6 CYBERSPACE reserves the right to grade the Network/ capacity so as to provide desired speed of Service to the Customer, without prior intimation either to the Customer or the Channel partner. However the Customer understands and agrees that CYBERSPACE services may be affected by factors including but not limited to type of equipment being used by you, the Internet site/server being visited, network availability, the number of users accessing the internet network in an area or a location; strength of the signal and equipment, distance from the nearest antenna and ecological conditions which shall impact operation at desired speed at all times.
7.7 CYBERSPACE reserves the right to withdraw, amend, modify or delete account related codes, IDs, email ID, user id, or password/s allocated/ assigned/ shared by CYBERSPACE to the Customer, at any time without assigning any reasons thereof.
7.8 The Service remains exclusive property of CYBERSPACE and the Customer is authorised to use, only during the sustenance of this Agreement. The right to use all Services, Applications or Features or Access parameters including but not limited to email ID, user ID, password etc. as set out under the Service, will cease to exist on the day your Agreement expires with us.
7.9 CYBERSPACE reserves the right to withdraw, amend, modify or delete Service/s, Service packages, Service plans, Schemes, Offers, at any time without assigning any reasons thereof.
7.10 The Customer assumes total responsibility and risk for use of the without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of title, non-infringement or implied warranties of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose. Neither CYBERSPACE nor its Channel partners make any such express or implied warranties, with regard to any merchandise, information or service provided through the Internet and they shall not be liable for any cost or damage arising either directly or indirectly from any such transaction. It is solely the Customer's responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of all opinions, advice, services and other information, and the quality and merchantability of all merchandise, provided through the service or in the Internet generally.
7.11 The Customer understands further that the Internet contains unedited materials, some of which are sexually explicit or may be offensive to some people. Customer’s access to such materials will be at his own risk. CYBERSPACE or the Channel partners have no control over the same and accepts no responsibility whatsoever for such materials.
7.12 The customer agrees that he/ she is fully aware of the Internet Telephony product specifications, features, system requirements and shall make arrangements for the use and operation of Services.
7.13 The customer expressly acknowledges that emergency calls are not intended to be carried/ supported by this service and that neither CYBERSPACE nor any of its Channel partners or employees are or will be liable for such calls or its failure to make such emergency calls using the devices or services.
7.14 CYBERSPACE may provide customer's information (in response to requests from authorised law enforcement agencies or other website administrators) to detect and prevent security incidents, crime and prosecute offenders. In line with the laws of Federal Republic of Nigeria, CYBERSPACE may also provide information to protect national security.
7.15 You may not use our Services in a way that risks degradation of service levels to other customers, third parties and put our system at risk. If we believe that you are using our Services in any of these ways, as mentioned, we are entitled to reduce, suspend and/or terminate any or all of our Services without giving you prior notice.


8.1 Acceptance of Terms:
Customers shall be bound by CYBERSPACE's terms of service accepted by:
8.1.1 Clicking to accept or agree to the Terms, where this option is made available to you by CYBERSPACE in the user interface for any Service; or
8.1.2 By actually using the Services. In this case, you understand and agree that CYBERSPACE will treat your use of the Services as acceptance of the Terms from that point onwards.
8.2 System Configuration And Installation of Application:
The Customer shall ensure to understand the configuration of CPE/PC/Device needed for installing and running the Service package, before its purchase. The Customer shall ensure to meet the minimum system configuration suggested by CYBERSPACE; Customer shall also ensure that its system is equipped with necessary licensed software or applications to screen or block spread of viruses; ensure system security; and regularly review any firewall restrictions in place. CYBERSPACE shall not be responsible for any instance where access to Internet to certain websites is restricted on Customer's hardware and it shall be the responsibility of the Customer to get the same rectified from some competent service provider.
8.3 Tampering with Equipment:
The Customer shall not use any equipment or related facilities provided by CYBERSPACE for reasons other than those related to normal service, and shall not do anything that interferes with the functioning of such equipment or facilities, without prior written authorization from CYBERSPACE. Customers shall be responsible for any loss of or damage to equipment or facilities that result from actions contrary to the terms and conditions of service.
8.3.1 Modification or attachment of any unauthorized device to Access Device (IMEI) is prohibited without prior written authorization from CYBERSPACE.
8.3.2 Either copying self or allowing any other person to copy any pre-programmed data of the SIM is prohibited.
8.3.3 No equipment or device that interferes in any way with the normal operation of a telecommunications service, including any equipment or device that intercepts or assists in intercepting or receiving any service offered by CYBERSPACE that requires special authorization, may be installed by or on behalf of any Customer.
8.3.4 Ensure that your Access Device (IMEI) is safe and used properly at all times. CYBERSPACE shall not be liable for any loss, injury, claim or damage to any person or property arising out of the use/ misuse of the Access Device (IMEl).
8.3.5 Ensure to be fully acquainted with risks associated with usage of any equipment or software or wireless facility not supplied by CYBERSPACE. The Customer shall not solicit or rely on any advise from officials or representatives of CYBERSPACE in respect of security measures and precautions required to be implemented for usage of such equipment or software or wireless facility and understands that CYBERSPACE resources are not qualified to render any advise.
8.4 Security and Passwords:
The Customer shall ensure that the security encryption is enabled and password/s on all Services, Access Devices or equipment of CYBERSPACE, where provided, is kept secret, not disclosed to anyone and to change the password immediately after installation. The Customer shall not part with the password with anyone and CYBERSPACE shall not be held liable for the misuse of the Customer's facility under any circumstances.
8.5 Reselling Services/Devices without Authorisation:
The Customer warrants that the Access Device (IMEI), SIM or Services, including the provisions of Wi­ Fi feature of Access Device, will not be resold, unless CYBERSPACE is notified in writing of the Customer's intent to do so and necessary changes to Customer's account have been made including but not limited clearance of outstanding balances payable to CYBERSPACE. In the event that the Services are resold with notice to CYBERSPACE, the Customer shall save and hold CYBERSPACE harmless for all liability arising from the use or misuse of such resold services, which must be sold under a formal Agreement similar in form to this Agreement, including the Acceptable Use Policy. The Customer acknowledges that notice to CYBERSPACE of its intent to resell the Services is an acceptance of this clause. The Customer acknowledges that liability for any use or misuse of the shared services shall rest with the Customer.
8.6 Registration with Regulatory Bodies.
The customer shall ensure to register with relevant regulatory bodies as per the guidelines issued for providing services such as Cyber cafes, Call centres, Network Operation Centres, Vehicle Tracking Systems, tele-banking, tele-medicine, tele-trading, e-commerce, etc., for their respective services and location of operations. CYBERSPACE shall not be responsible for securing any such approvals on behalf of the Customer.
8.7 Dishonest Churning
CYBERSPACE may investigate your payment history with your last service provider before granting you service, for which you may need to provide proof of your identity. CYBERSPACE reserves the right to withdraw Services sans recourse at a later date, if it has material evidence convincing enough that the Customer has applied for CYBERSPACE Services without settling all valid payment arrears for any services already provided by their last operator. Any balances left in account in such eventuality shall be forfeited and the Customer agrees that no claims for the same shall be made with CYBERSPACE or through Honourable Judiciary of Federal Government of Nigeria.
8.8 End User Licenses
Customer shall comply with the terms and conditions of all end user license agreements accompanying any software or plug-ins to such software distributed or used in connection with the Service. All end user licenses will terminate on the termination of this Agreement, and, at such time, Customer/Subscriber shall destroy all versions and copies of all software received by him/her in connection with the Service.
8.9 Equipment or Accessories From CYBERSPACE
The Customer shall not hold or claim a right on the equipment or accessories supplied, installed by CYBERSPACE in addition to the Access Device (IMEl) or SIM
8.9.1 Customer shall ensure that all such equipment or accessories are returned to CYBERSPACE in a usable and acceptable condition at the CYBERSPACE office.
8.9.2 The SIM remains the property of CYBERSPACE and can be recalled at any time for upgrades, modifications and/or when the agreement ends.
8.9.3 CYBERSPACE shall deduct charges to cover damages from any amount refundable to the Customer.
8.9.4 Handling charges as applicable shall be deducted from refundable amount due to the customer, in case CYBERSPACE has to make arrangements for collection from Customer premises.


9.1 Service/s provided by CYBERSPACE is only for the specific Service Package requested by the customer at the time of application or migration of Service Package requested by the Customer will be at the sole discretion of CYBERSPACE without assigning any reasons to the Customer.
9.2 CYBERSPACE will not be liable to you for any loss, direct or indirect, which is not as a consequence of CYBERSPACE's negligence or breach of this Agreement (any business loss including loss of profits, business, revenue, contracts or anticipated savings, wasted expenses or any other purely financial losses); lost or destroyed data; even if such loss was reasonably foreseeable or CYBERSPACE had been advised of the possibility of you incurring such loss; or direct physical damage to your property.
9.3 CYBERSPACE shall endeavour to exercise the reasonable care and skill of a competent service provider while carrying out any obligation under this Agreement. We will not be liable to you for the accuracy, completeness, fitness for purpose or legality of any information accessed, received or transmitted using our Services, or for transmitting or receiving, or failure to transmit or receive any material through our Services. Customer also understands and agrees that while Services are available within Coverage areas as shared by CYBERSPACE or its Channel partners, availability of Service is not guaranteed during state of mobility. Quality of service on CYBERSPACE network is also directly relative to the number of users connected to Customer's Access Device and the Customer understands and agrees that speed shall be uniformly apportioned between these active users and hence affect the quality of service. CYBERSPACE shall not be liable or accountable or be held responsible towards any claims for damages, loss, inconvenience from the Customer or its authorised representative with respect to Quality of Service.
9.4 CYBERSPACE shall not be liable for any loss, cost or damage arising from transactions you enter into with third parties using our Services (such transactions shall include and are not limited to buying or renting goods or services from such third parties or ordering goods from other organisations using our Internet access).
9.5 Neither CYBERSPACE nor the Channel partners warrant that the service will be uninterrupted or error free or that any information, software or other material accessible on the service is free of viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other harmful components.
9.6 Neither CYBERSPACE nor the Channel Partner shall be responsible for installation of hardware or software needed for the Service package and the Customer shall ensure that competent persons have satisfactorily done the same. Without prejudice to the foregoing, CYBERSPACE or the Channel Partner will render the required customer advisory service sans recourse.
9.7 CYBERSPACE or its Channel partners shall not be responsible for compatibility problem(s) of hardware/software at the customer premises. Customer herewith expressly acknowledges and agrees that installation of applications at its hardware shall be carried out by a competent person and CYBERSPACE shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to Customer's hardware (PC/Computer/Server) during the course of such installation or sustenance of this Agreement.
9.8 CYBERSPACE accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the contents of any material from other websites, organisations, which may be accessed through our Services.
9.9 CYBERSPACE reserves the right to block access to any such information which is not permissible as per the law of Land and or as directed by the authorised Honourable representative offices of Federal Government Of Nigeria.


CYBERSPACE is not liable for failure to perform it's obligations if such failure include (but is not limited to) acts of God (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster), war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (regardless of whether war is declared), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation, terrorist activities, nationalisation, government sanction, blockage, embargo, labour dispute, strike, lockout or industrial disputes or interruption or failure of electricity or telecommunications service; actions of regulator or local or national governments or other authorities.


CYBERSPACE may suspend any or all of Services immediately without notice if: payments made to CYBERSPACE have not been realised for any reason due to Customer's fault; we need to carry out any maintenance, repairs or improvements to any part of our services or our system; we have to do so by law or in line with an Agreement; we have reason to believe that you have provided us with false, inaccurate or misleading information either for the purpose of obtaining our Services and/or Access Devices; we believe that you or another person at your office or home have committed, or may be committing, any act which contravenes the terms of our Service Agreement by using our Services.


12.1 The terms and conditions will continue to apply until terminated by either you or CYBERSPACE as set out below:
12.1.1 You have breached any provision of the Terms (or have acted in manner which clearly shows that you do not intend to, or are unable to comply with the provisions of the Terms); or
12.1.2 CYBERSPACE is required to do so by law (where the provision of Services is, or becomes, unlawful); or
12.1.3 Provision of the Services to you by CYBERSPACE is, no longer commercially viable
12.2 Either Party can discontinue Service(s) by providing a written notice, of at least 3 (three) working days prior to the end of the month or period for which the Customer has paid all Subscription Charges. CYBERSPACE would stop providing Service(s) to the Customer from the end of the billed month.
12.3 Service(s) may be terminated in the absence of a "Revenue Generating Event" for a cumulative period of 3 months, due to non-usage of service(s) or failure to notify CYBERSPACE about its intention of not using the service(s) by the customer.


While every effort is made by CYBERSPACE to provide highest quality of Service, the Customer acknowledges that CYBERSPACE network is interconnected with high-speed internet links provided by other service providers/entities that are responsible to maintain these links as reliable as possible. CYBERSPACE do not own any responsibility in case of interruptions in the inter-connect network beyond her reasonable control. CYBERSPACE shall not be responsible whatsoever for any interruption caused by the quality of these links, defect in connectivity or any inconvenience, damages or any other liability whatsoever either from the Customer or anyone else in this regard.


CYBERSPACE may at any time improve, modify, amend or alter the terms and conditions of our Services if there is any change or amendment to any law or regulation which applies to us or the Services we provide to you; we decide that our Services should be altered for reasons of quality of service or otherwise for the benefit of our customers or, in our reasonable opinion, it is necessary to do so; for security, technical or operational reasons; in all other events, where we reasonably determine that any modification to our system or change in our trading, operating or business practices or policy is necessary to maintain or improve our Services.


The customer will be responsible and liable for and shall indemnifies CYBERSPACE and holds it blameless against any direct or consequential liability arising out of claims made against CYBERSPACE, her affiliates, her employees and/or her Channel partners in connection with the Access Device (IMEI) or the Services, or misuse by the Customer or any other person with access to Customer's equipment and Services or otherwise by virtue of the provision of the Service to the Customer including but not limited to claims for defamation, infringement of copyright or any other intellectual property rights and any breach of non observance of any terms of this Agreement by the Customer.


If any dispute arising out of these terms and conditions require intervention and/or adjudication by Courts then the Courts located within the limits of Lagos alone will have jurisdiction and jurisdiction of other Courts are hereby excluded.


1/We have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of Service Agreement given above and also at and and being the applicant/authorised signatory on behalf of the applicant, share our consent to completely abide by the same.

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